Treelines - Christine Jensen

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Compositrice: Christine Jensen

Code de produit: WWM-122
(Score et parties séparées)

Big Band (5,5,4,4)
Durée: 11:00

Style: Slow / Medium-Up Swing / Jazz Waltz
Solos: Sax alto, trompette

Treelines is a longer-form chart that moves through a variety of moods, styles and tempos. Beginning with a slow, intense introduction of sparse intervals that builds into dense harmonic structures, a lively tune quickly emerges, played by the lead trombone and 2nd tenor. As the chart progresses, the rhythm and character continues to evolve, all the way into free improvisation from the two soloists. The tune returns, this time in 3/4, and the band plays an inventive re-working of the melody as they head out to the end. An exciting and creative chart, all the way through. As recorded on Habitat - The Christine Jensen Jazz Orchestra (2014). 

Bois 1: Sax alto (doublant au sax soprano)
Bois 2:  Sax alto (doublant à la flûte)
Bois 3: Sax ténor (doublant à la clarinette)
Bois 4: Sax ténor
Bois 5: Sax baryton (doublant à la clarinette)